mobi·site [mo-bee-sahyt] – a connected group of pages on the World Wide Web regarded as a single entity, usually devoted to a single topic or several closely related topics that is accessible via mobile devices such as cellphones, smart phones and more..

Facilitated by the latest mobile technology, consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable and confident surfing the mobile internet. With this shift, marketers can no longer ignore the Mobi channel. DYMA Media has the expertise to create and develop your Mobi (WAP) site and bring it alive in the mobile world.

Through a Mobi site, the mobile internet allows your website to be viewed through mobile devices and it will enable visitors to browse and even purchase your products and services via their mobile phones, smart phone (iPhone, Android, etc), PDA or Blackberry. DYMA-Mobi is the perfect solution to reach your increasingly tech-savvy audience.

There are many benefits of having a Mobi site which include:

  • Offers your clients an additional access point to your products and services
  • Enables you to address new market segments of mobile users by enabling a wider access to your company information which could lead to increased revenue
  • Enables you to replace expensive Customer Care Centers with Mobi based services (E-Care)
  • Being open and secure, Mobi is well suited for many different applications, including but not limited to stock market information, weather forecasts, news headlines, multimedia downloads, and much more
  • Mobi sites are portable, easy-to-use, fast, convenient and provide efficient access to services
  • Mobi reach is far greater than traditional web in that more people have phones than computers, in other words the market is huge!
  • Mobi sites are an efficient way to bring your business to the online world
  • The flexibility of a Mobi site can be used as a tool to differentiate you from your competitors

With a Mobi site, a mass market can easily be reached and addressed – let DYMA-WAP put your products and services into the hands and minds of anyone with a mobile phone or communications device.

DYMA-WAP will put you on the Mobile Map!