Ad·ver·game [ad-vur - geym] – a downloadable or Web-based computer or mobile game
which incorporates and features advertising for products and services

With the opportunity to present your brand in the virtual world of Advergames, you are able to present your product in an original, interactive and entertaining manner which will revitalize your brand and capture the consumer’s interest.Traditional advertising is an expensive fleeting thought that captures the attention of your target for a very limited time, so investing in a game that can live on forever and carry a message throughout the entire experience makes sense?

Research has found that product and message recall is 90% higher with consumers exposed to branded games. What better way than to completely immerse your consumers with your brand in a positive way?

Our branded mobile games can be customized for a particular brand and developed from scratch based on the client’s brief or we offer a vast portfolio of games which can be rebranded or re-skinned based on your requirements.

Your brand is integrated into a game as well as the attributes and qualities of your products and services. Through repetition of the brand and product in the game, brand awareness and recognition is generated.

These include:

  • GAME LEADERBOARD – Players can submit their hi-scores to a leaderboard. The data is transferred through GPRS and the leaderboard can be published on a website, WAP site or can be accessed from within the game itself. With the contact information provided by the players, you are able to acquire leads and contact information of existing and potential customers.
  • GLOBAL TOURNAMENT MODE – Players can post their hi-scores on a global scorecard and compete with other users worldwide.
  • GROUP COMPETITIONS – Players can set up or join groups and submit their scores as part of a group to enter into group competitions. Group scores can be displayed on a website, WAP site or can be accessed from within the game itself.
  • SEND TO A FRIEND – Players can recommend the game to their friends from within the game application. The concept is that if the game is fun, consumers are more likely to remember not just the brand or product itself, but to associate specific brand attributes with it. If the game is popular, players will challenge friends to try it. Studies suggest that 50% of recipients play the Advergame for an average of 25 minutes. 90% of players who receive a challenge from a friend play the game and respond back with their score or statistics. Advergaming is a highly effective word-of-mouth communicator – by players sending the game to a friend, brand awareness is increased as well as lead information.
  • BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER – A multiplayer version of the branded games can be developed wherein users can play against their friends in real-time using the Bluetooth on their phone. The action is real-time!
  • UPLOAD AN IMAGE – The branded games can be integrated with the cellphone camera functionality allowing users to take a picture of themselves and post it with their score to a website or WAP site. Now you can interact with your customers through Advergame and see who your consumers are too.
  • CLICK2CALL – This functionality allows a user to directly place a call to a clients call centre or to a pre-determined number just by clicking on it within the Advergame.
  • CLICK2VISIT – This functionality allows a user to be directed to a WAP site by simply clicking a button within the Advergame.

At DYMA Media we offer a full solution from conceptualization and development right through to the delivery and distribution of an Advergame or branded gaming application. We offer a mobile marketing strategy that adds value to your communication with your customers and enables you to interact with them in an effective and relevant manner.

Let your brand be the hero of the game and get consumers involved – let DYMA Media show you how.

The concept is simple! The results are astounding!