Mobile Content

dis-tri-bu-tor [dih-strib-yuh-ter] – a person, firm, etc., engaged in the general distribution or marketing of some article or class of goods

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At DYMA Media we offer an extensive range of fresh mobile content for worldwide distribution. We currently have a catalogue of over 800 mobile games to choose from, expanding over a wide variety of categories that appeal to a diversity of customers all over the world. We also offer a selection of mobile ringtones, true tones, polyphonic tones, animated screen savers and wallpapers. Our collection of mobile content is compatible with a vast variety of handsets including Android and iPhone ensuring that you effectively reach your target market.

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If your answer is yes, then DYMA Media is the right place for you. We are looking for top quality mobile content including premium games, ringtones, MMS, wallpapers, videos and more. We offer immediate access to network operators and customers all over the world and will handle the marketing and distribution of your content worldwide. By promoting your mobile content through DYMA Media, this will draw attention to your product and will aid in boosting and expanding your brand.

At DYMA Media, our expertise lies in bringing mobile content and consumers together around the world.

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